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In audiovisual production, each different project yields different kinds of challenges that are specific to it. When facing situations of high level of complexity and difficulties, the Attitude of our crews and the Brand of our company often come to our rescue.

For over twenty years, we have been serving the most demanding clients in the world; Japanese, British and American producers. Therefore exceeding client’s expectations and meeting results requirement IS the standard for our crews.

Thanks of our sense of mission, long term vision, and our genuine fair play attitude, TPS has built up and nurtured a brand of cleanness, authenticity and Trust within Tunisia and abroad. This high brand turns out, especially in the field of News and Media, to be a huge asset in a working environment where one’s credibility might become the competitive advantage that gives you access to the inaccessible.


TUNISIA PRODUCTION & SERVICES (TPS) is a Tunisia-based supplier of audio-visual production services. We serve international companies; television channels, film and documentary producers…, wishing to undertake production projects in Tunisia.