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Among the Arab Spring countries, Tunisia is the only one who managed to make it safety to democracy. The Quartet has played a major role during the democratization process. But beneath this iceberg, the Quartet, lays Tunisia Civil Society. This documentary highlights the major roles played by Tunisia Civil society as well as the importance of having an educated society. We, Tunisia Production & Services (TPS), have arranged all ground logistics, from transportation, accommodation, crew and equipment arrangement, through to setting up of appointments with Tunisia officials and Quartet members, and carrying out interviews and shooting on behalf of our client

Tunisia Quartet attended the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo. We, Tunisia Production & Services (TPS), have arranged all the interviews with local youth which were displayed during the concert.e

Corsair activity, often wrongly called Piracy, was considered as an economic activity which was regulated by multilateral agreements and rules between nations.This documentary tries to walk in the footsteps of current citizens from three countries -Spain, Morocco and Tunisia- whose life were related to Corsair activity in a way or another.We, Tunisia Production & Services (TPS), have made all necessary research and documentation to get in touch with current Tunisian families whose ascendants practiced Corsair activity as a usual business activity.

Upon the failure of General Oufkir’s coup d’état against King Hassan II of Morocco in 1972, this later decided to send all Oufkir members, including his elder daughter, Malika, who was an adoptive sister of King Hassan II, to prison where they have spent over 14 years. This 52mn reconstitution movie retraces the whole journey of the Oufkir family, since their incarceration to their complete freeing by King Hassan II under international pressure. The shooting in the South of Tunisia was carried out in very unusual circumstances. After being kicked out by the secret police from Morocco, where the producer planned to film, he decided on a last minute notice to come and film in Tunisia. We had barely five days to get everything ready; locations, creation of decors, casting… The filming lasted seven days on the basis of 20 hour per day work