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TV Channel: --------------------
Program: Production of Video Clip for Advertisement
Shooting Date: October 2003

Sport 2003 :

TV Channel: TV Tokyo Sports Department - Japan
Production: TV TOKYO CHANNEL 12, LTD. Sports Program Department 
Program: Tunisia VS Japan Football match 
Shooting date: October 2003 (Live Broadcasting)

Variety and Entertainment 2003:

TV Channel: Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) - Japan
Production: TBS Entertainment Department TBS
Program: “Anta no Yume o kanaeta ro ka” (Shall I realize your dream)
Shooting Date: December, 2003


TUNISIA PRODUCTION & SERVICES (TPS) is a Tunisia-based supplier of audio-visual production services. We serve international companies; television channels, film and documentary producers…, wishing to undertake production projects in Tunisia.