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TV Channel: NHK - Japan
Production: Gendai Group
Program: World Heritage (Serie World Heritage Sousse & Tripoli)
Shooting Date: November 2009
On Air: February 4th 2010

TV Channel: Shizuoka TV - Japan>
Program: International Music Festival by UNESCO.
Shooting Date: October 19th 2009

TV Channel: Nihon TV - Japan Program: A One day Traveller / One Night around the World.
Shooting Date: August & October 2009

TV Channel: TV Asahi - Japan
Program: Report Tourism in Tunisia (ONTT promotional action of the Japanese market)
Shooting Date: June & July 2009

TV Channel: Fuji TV - Japan
Production: TV Man Union
Program: Wedding in Tozeur
Shooting Date: March 2009


Film 2009 :

TV Channel: ZDF / ARTE - Germany
Production: Spiegel TV Media GmbH
Program: Schatzjagd in der Tiefe 52min (Treasure-Hunt in the depth)
Shooting Date: June 2009


TUNISIA PRODUCTION & SERVICES (TPS) is a Tunisia-based supplier of audio-visual production services. We serve international companies; television channels, film and documentary producers…, wishing to undertake production projects in Tunisia.