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At TUNISIA PRODUCTION & SERVICES (TPS), we have produced over a hundred documentaries covering all types of subjects; culture, archaeology, Arab history, sports, and culinary arts amongst others.
We offer the full range of services, from documentation, preparation, through shooting and post-production :

    • Study and research
    • Documentation and facts finding
    • Filming permits (ground and sky)
    • Customs clearance
    • Equipment rental (camera, light and sound, crane, editing, reflectors…)
    • Rental (Helicopter, boat, plane…)
    • Crew (Cameramen, assistants, Light and Sound, editor…)
    • Accommodation
    • Ground and air transportation

News & Media

Since the happenings of the Arab Spring in January 2011, we have carried out over two hundred News missions in Tunisia, Libya and Algeria. We have served the crews of TV channels from all over the world.
We cover also sports and cultural events.
Our strength lies both in our 24/7 availability, and in our unparalleled ability to react swiftly in assign fixers, issuing permissions, setting all ground logistics, etc. 
We provide:

    • Filming permits
    • Customs clearance
    • Fixers
    • Equipment rental (camera, light and sound, cranes, editing, reflectors…)
    • Crew (Cameramen, assistants, Light and Sound, editor…)
    • Translation
    • Sub-titling
    • Post-production (Editing, play out by  FTP, 4G, SNG)
    • Accommodation
    • Ground and air transportation

Sport Events

We provide our services both in Tunisia and abroad – especially in neighboring countries (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, etc.). Our Production Managers usually help out with the live transmission of several sports events (African Cup, champion’s league play outs, etc.).
The production manager’s task includes:

    • Check technical facilities
    • Check broadcasting rights are respected
    • Coordinate the ground logistics
    • Undertake transmission tests (before the start of the event)
    • Provide event report



All projects of TUNISIA PRODUCTION & SERVICES (TPS) have been reconstitution movies of real stories that happened in Tunisia and elsewhere. Based on the producer’s script, we asses all needs, and then we work accordingly to set up all necessary logistics for the production.
Our task covers:

    • Pre-production research and fact finding
    • Filming permissions general and specific ones (airports, historical sites and museums…)
    • Casting actors and extras
    • Equipment
    • Insurance
    • Location
    • Accommodation
    • Ground transportation
    • Catering
    • Freight
    • Customs clearance
    • Crews
    • Permits for (specific) telecommunication equipment (SNG, Walkie Talkies…)


Why film with TPS

In audiovisual production, each different project yields its specific kinds of challenges. During the last two decades, we have faced all manner of situations and, in each and every single case, the attitude and experience of our team have made it all types.
Our clients, Japanese, British and American producers, are known for having some of the most demanding standards. Our capacity to meet and exceed the standards set for us is what has made TPS the superior choice for production in Tunisia.
Thanks to our sense of mission, long term vision, and our conscience attitude, TPS is known in Tunisia and abroad as authentic, credible, and trustworthy.
TPS has the competitive advantage to access the otherwise inaccessible.


TUNISIA PRODUCTION & SERVICES (TPS) is a Tunisia-based supplier of audio-visual production services. We serve international companies; television channels, film and documentary producers�, wishing to undertake production projects in Tunisia.