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Our Company

Tunisia Production and Services (TPS) was officially registered in 2005. But its experience in documentary and film production goes back to 1995, when it used to be an audiovisual department in the travel and events business under the name of Batouta Voyages. For over twenty years, Tunisia Production and Services (TPS) has been providing management services and ground logistics to international companies, from all over the world (USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Lebanon, UAE, Holland, Italy, but especially from Japan). We worked on hundreds of documentaries of all types (focusing on arts, history, and culture in its broadest sense), short movies, TV commercials…. This over two decades long diverse experience has given us cutting edge expertise in the field of documentary production, which made many amongst our partners entrust us now with the full spectrum of their project stages, from pre-production, through to post-production tasks (research, documentation, production planning, production management, editing…).

Since 2011, Tunisia Production and Services (TPS) had to meet a sudden increasing demand to assure the coverage of the events that followed the Arab Spring waves in Tunisia and in Libya. Thanks to our courageous and multilingual team of Fixers and crews, we have served our partners safely beyond Tunisia’s borders.

Between Feb and Nov 2011, we have set up a 24/7 operation unit, close to the Tunisian Libyan border, to provide NBC Universal News team, based in Tripoli (Libya), with a full package of logistics (ground transportation, air tickets, equipment, food, basic utilities…). Our devotion to our partners' objectives made us the obvious choice for many of them.

Our Achievements

  • ITRAI TG1 (Italy) - Bardo Terror attck
  • ITV (UK) - Bardo Terror attack
  • NBC Universal News (Egypt) Sousse Terror attack
  • NHK (Japan) Tunisia Peace Nobel Prize
  • NOS News (Holland) - Sousse Terror attack
  • Lagardere Sports - Muritania CAF Tunisia - Muritania
  • Sport Five - Algeria CAF Algeria - Malwin
  • Telpa Middle East (Lebanon) The Voice
  • Ten Alps Productions - BBC London (UK)
  • 2014
  • Fuji TV (Japan) - Top of the World (Mezamashi Doyobi)
  • KMA Interface Inc. for BS Fuji (Japan)
  • Mediaset Group (Italy)
  • Temjin (Japan) - Mediterreanean Ports (Chichukai Minato)
  • TV Man Union Inc (Japan)
  • 2013
  • Backbone Ltd (Egypt)
  • NHK Special (Algeria) - Ain Aminas terror attack
  • NHK Special (Japan) Algeria Ain Aminas Terror
  • NOS Nieuws Eurovision (Holland)
  • RTI - Mediaset Group (Italy)
  • SportFive (France) - Tripoli (Libya)
  • Sync Media (UAE) - Dubai
  • TPS

    TUNISIA PRODUCTION & SERVICES (TPS) is a Tunisia-based supplier of audio-visual production services. We serve international companies; television channels, film and documentary producers…, wishing to undertake production projects in Tunisia.